Top Gambling/Casino Countries On The Planet

Top Gambling

Casinos 1bet2you have actually been around for a really long time, and you need to know that they provide you with a lot of fun and entertainment, for all kinds of individuals above the age of 21. This article will focus on the countries that have outdone themselves when it comes to gambling and casinos. I feel that casinos are required in a lot of countries, because they are a source of a lot of money for the economy. The casino industry has been making billions of dollars every single year. Casinos are very lucrative, and they always have been. They are lucrative for the very simple fact that people love playing games and people love it even more when there is a possibility of winning a lot of money, while playing the games.

Here are some of the best casino countries in the world.

The first one that comes to mind is Spain. The Spanish people are really passionate about gambling and betting. They show this by the great abundance of gambling spendings per person. A person in Spain would actually spend around $500 on average when it comes to casino gambling.

The next country I would like to mention would be Canada. Canada has actually been really popular when it comes to gambling and casinos. The local population, including the American residents near the Mojave desert, use it all to the fullest. Casinos, bookmakers, lotteries have been known to involve almost 75% of the population of Canada. They also have a great additional influx when it comes to funds, because of the winnings that are taxed per person. A person is actually averaged to spend almost $600 a year in Canada, on casinos and gambling.

Now, let us talk about Singapore. Singapore has had an amazing gambling experience for a really long time. This city-country has recently had a gambling explosion. Gambling in Singapore has been booming for the past couple of decades, and I am not surprised. Singapore is a hub for all kinds of tourists, from all around the world. There are a lot of restrictions in the city country. In order to simplify the entry into a casino, you will have to have some money with you. You should be ready to spend this money, and it is estimated that a person in Singapore spends almost $1000 a year in casinos.

United States of America

Let’s talk about the United States of America. America arguably has the best casino experience in the world. America has Atlantic City, Reno and Nevada. Las Vegas, the sin city of the world, happens to be a temple for gamblers all around. That is why Las Vegas is the most popular gambling destination in the world.

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